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ROLES: Brand Ambassador & Team Leader | COMPANY WEBSITE

The Oval Office is a live + communication agency and combines the impact of live events and brand activations with the power of online and offline communication. I have been a brand ambassador since 2012 and have worked for several brands including Nintendo, Spa and Pringles.

As a brand ambassador I understand and represent brands to increase awareness. Being aware of all the ins and outs around the brand, I generally help guests of events or shopping malls with trying out new products and inform them with product information. Although I worked for different brands in the past, I am currently part of the Nintendo team and work mostly during major events such as the Post-E3 event, Firstlook Festival and Dutch Comic Con.

As a team leader I manage the team on location, ensuring that the brand activation proceeds smoothly. This involves reviewing the performance of the team and the quality of the brand activation with a critical eye. I give active feedback to the team members and motivate them to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. When needed at the location, decisions are made by me as well.