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Individual project

The Creative Game Challenge was an annual competition for high school students hosted by Utrecht University. The assignment was to create a simple computer game within a couple of weeks. I joined this competition during my last year of high school. Thanks to this competition I started learning programming.

The game was painstakingly created on a HP Compaq Mini 110c netbook and took a couple of months to develop.
Magnact revolves around the magnetic superhero Flux. In this game, the bad guy Dr. Badguy, has split Flux in two: one positive Flux and one negative Flux. By making clever use of his magnetic powers Flux makes or avoids contact with certain objects In order to save the negative Flux, the positive Flux has to endure a path of challenges. The game consists of different worlds, each with its own unique theme and levels. The goal is to reach the finish in a number of levels in a world, in order to fight against the boss of that world. That way, Flux can progress onwards to the next world. Additionally the game is also packed with extra content, such as achievements and collectibles.