/ 2018 - 2019 / Computer Animation
Group project


INFOMCANIM Computer Animation is an elective course that I followed at Utrecht University. The free elective space provides students the opportunity to follow courses to the liking of the student. Since the course is not at Eindhoven University of Technology, it took a bit of effort to enroll. Computer Animation is something I am very interested in though, so after some effort I was finally enrolled.

The goal of this course was to introduce the latest animation techniques in industry standard animation tools. Therefore we produced a short animation movie in a small group to gain hands-on experience with these tools. For this project, we captured motion in a motion capture lab and used several pieces of software to produce the final movie.

The process of creating a movie was challenging and the final product ended up being quite a bit different from our initial vision. We had fun creating this movie nonetheless and learned a lot about quality and complexity of animations and rendering.