/ 2018 - 2019 / Computer Animation
Group project


2IMM15 Web Information Retrieval & Data Mining is a stream elective course that I followed at Eindhoven University of Technology. The objective of this course was to introduce students to the theoretical background and practical aspects of modern Information Retrieval as well as machine learning and data mining techniques that are used for Information Retrieval. As part of this course, we had to create a real Information Retrieval tool and use it in an interesting way.

Our project is aimed at categorizing new products in e-commerce. This tool retrieves an existing set of pre-categorized images and preprocesses them. The preprocessed images are then used to build a machine learning tool that will be used to categorize new images. The tool can automatically sort products into categories to speed up inventory management and improve customer navigation. This could for example be used in a webshop to feed a queue of new products to the tool in order to easily categorize them and add them to their catalog.

We prepared two videos for this course. The first video contains an overview of the approach, while the second one contains a short demo.