/ 2017 - 2018 / Stukafest Eindhoven


At Stukafest, student rooms in 13 cities across The Netherlands are transformed into mini stages with music, dance, comedy, theatre, literature, poetry and much more. The 2018 edition of Stukafest Eindhoven nearly did not happen, until me and five other students stepped in.

The group was formed after news came out that Stukafest Eindhoven would not go through due to a lack of board members. Within a week, we managed to form an enthusiastic board that is not only experienced, but also has a passion for many different cultural activities, such as music, performance art, film and dance. With the given time frame, we had to get sponsors, find acts and locations and advertise our events.

Our primary focus was to set up a complete Stukafest experience and focus on the core ideas around Stukafest: allowing students in Eindhoven to be involved in culture, so they can support culture and develop themselves into ambassadors for culture. We ended up organizing a succesful event with nine acts in nine student rooms, acts at a final party location, about 200 visitors while also turning a profit.