/ 2016 - 2017 / HEX 2017 Hackathon


HEX is a hackathon in which 300+ people from all over the world meet for 32 hours to engage in collaborative design thinking. HEX 2017 was the first hackathon that I ever attended.

Our group took on the challenge of Smart Cities, commissioned by the TNO, in which the objective was to help create a city whose inhabitants can survive the ecological pressure they put on it. We decided to take on this problem right at the core; the people. Our concept was to help people change their mind willingly, by suggesting viable alternatives in their daily life. The main part of our solution consisted of clear energy labels, since people do not know how polluting certain travel modes are. By placing energy labels to certain actions that people perform, we wanted to inform people about the polution levels.

We conceptualized and partly implemented a platform where users we able to get insights into their personal statistics, while also being presented with visualizations of their demographical areas to add a social motivational factor. The scales in this aspect, as we propose them now, are: your community, your city and your country.

During HEX I learned a lot about prototyping and teamwork. Our project was among the top five best projects of HEX 2017, chosen by the judges of the hackathon.