/ 2016 - 2017 / Wervingsdagen: The TU/e Career Events


I did a board year at Wervingsdagen as Chairman and Website Commissioner. Wervingsdagen is an initiative of nine study associations of Eindhoven University of Technology that focuses on career orientation for fellow students. Each year the Committee organizes the largest career events of the university and the largest technical career events of The Netherlands: the Skill Sessions, the Career Expo and the Interviewing Days. These events have attracted over 5000 students during our board year, making them, once again, a great success.

I presided over board meetings, conducted business with officials both inside and outside of university, represented the organization and was a spokesperson. Additionally, I made sure my committee members had everything they needed to turn our events into a success. I was also in charge of website content management, administration and both front-end and back-end work and was lead in the development of a new website and workflow management system.

Wervingsdagen was a challenging board year that has taught me a lot about policies, formalities and running an organization. Contrary to most other board years at universities, this board consisted of people from different faculties whom I had not met before. Working together in such an intense fashion brought its own share of challenges that we had to overcome as a team. With a budget of over €200.000,- we had a lot of responsibility to bear towards all stakeholders of the foundation. At the end of the year, not only did we succeed to attract a record breaking number of students, but we were also able to turn a proft.